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Behaviour Consultations & Methods - What to Expect

I work very closely with the vet practices in Norfolk and all behaviour cases that I see are through a veterinary referral. This is quite straightforward, only involving a simple form for the vet to sign and means that the whole process of helping your dog is kept on a professional basis and that the vet is kept informed of everything to do with your dog’s behaviour modification plan. Alternatively, you can arrange for your vet practice to email me with a medical history and contact name in case further discussion in medical history or diet are required.

It also means that I can discuss your case with the vet and refer you back to them should any form of dietary or pharmacological intervention be required. Most vets in our area are familiar with this system.

More Information

Vets requiring further information about me and my practice can either go to the section on ‘Information for Vets and Vet Nurses’ or feel free to call me on 07788 857 092 or email me at info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk

If you would like to see a copy of the referral form, please click here.

Getting in touch

Initially you can contact me either by leaving a message on the contact form on this website (click here) or email me at mailto:info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk

or call me on 07788 857 092.

Before the Consultation

Prior to the consultation you will be sent a questionnaire, this asks for as much detail as possible about your dog, their daily routine and the specific problems you are encountering. The questionnaire should be returned at the latest three or four days before the consultation so I have time to study your particular situation before I visit you. I will also arrange a 20-30 minute phone call before I visit to gather a bit more information.This will allow for a much more structured and precise approach and allow me to be ‘hands on’ when I visit you.

How long do consultations  last?

Consultations usually last between one and half to two hours, although this may be longer if two or more dogs are involved. During the consultation your dog’s problems will be discussed in detail and the dog will be assessed using an approach that focuses on your pet’s medical history, diet, breed, learning history and mental wellbeing. The process is designed to ensure that your pet is in the ‘right place’ mentally to learn so that any specific training and management protocols that we decide on work much more successfully. Good for you and good for your dog.

The basis of any good behaviour modification plan is one of the least intervention possible causing no harm or distress to either the dog or the owners and ensuring that any protocol fit in with your lifestyle and capabilities.

What methods are used?

All of the methods used for any training within the behaviour modification process are based on scientific study and learning theory as well as my years of experience working with all types of breeds and issues. No aversive, punishing or oppressive methods are used within any behaviour (or training) modification plans or sessions.

During the behaviour consultation I will look at the issues in detail, come up with a plan and ensure that you fully understand the approach decided upon and most importantly, that it is achievable for you and anyone else that cares for your dog.

What happens after the consultation?

Once the behaviour consultation has been completed you will receive a detailed Behaviour Modification Plan from me along with separate documentation describing each area of training that you will be advised to carry out. The vet will also receive a short written report so they know what we are doing and that this is documented on your dog’s medical records.

Most importantly, as part of the Behaviour Modification package you will receive three months phone/email follow-up plus a follow up visit four to six weeks after the initial consultation so we can assess progress.  If the situation is complex or involves multiple issues a further three visits can be booked.

How much will this cost?

The cost for the full Behaviour Modification Package including the pre-consultation telephone interviewconsultation visit, written report for you and your vet, liaison with vet where necessary, any training plans required, a follow up visit to assess progress and three months phone/email follow up is £245*.

*If the travel time exceeds one hour each way there is an additional £25 charge per visit. So, including the first visit and the follow-up visit, if you live more than one hour away (I use the AA route planner to determine this) the full fee will be £295.

If you wish to contact me about a consultation please fill in the details requested on the Contact page, phone me on the number at the top of the page or email me info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk.

I look forward to working with your and your dog.