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• Continual Professional Development for Animal Professionals

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an integral part of many canine professions including vets, vet nurses, canine hydrotherapists etc and an ideal opportunity to develop new, or expand on existing skills.

I have been providing CPD for veterinary staff for the past 10 years and with two decades as a qualified tutor, have a great deal of experience in passing on training in relation to animals, how they learn, potential behaviour issues, desensitisation and handling skills. These are very practical skills that will be beneficial in the running and enhancement of your business.

CPD can be tailored to fit in with the information and skills that individual practices require. Sessions are presented as Zoom lectures and can be run as full day; half day or as evening presentations lasting a couple of hours, with delegates watching together in the practice or individually from home.

If you would like to discuss the provision of CPD within your business then please contact me by calling 07788 857 092 or info@davidbricedogbehaviour.co.uk, as I am able to tailor any presentations or courses to your businesses precise needs.