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Disobedient dogs?

Do you have a ‘disobedient’ dog? Or is he/she simply not trained?


Often this is the case, or the dog is trained to a certain level and doesn’t respond in distracting situations. Recall is a prime example, dogs are usually pretty good at coming back at home or in the garden; however, if they haven’t been trained to recall in other situations then they aren’t going to respond.

Return to owner when there are rabbits to chase or interesting smells or other dogs around? Unlikely! Unless the dog has learned that the owner provides better reinforcement – this might be food or simply that the dog has learnt, that if he or she returns they are allowed to go back to play.

Recall isn’t learnt overnight, it takes time consistency and commitment; however, the hard work is usually rewarded by your dog not being ‘disobedient’ – well most of the time anyway!

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