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Individually Tailored Training for Puppies & Older Dogs


Individually tailored training or ‘one to one’ training sessions are available via our colleague Martina Tierling of North Norfolk Dog Training:


Phone Number07971 733 656

In the case of puppies, whilst really good classes are a huge help with socialisation and training and give you lots of on-going back up; sometimes it is useful to have an individual session.

Puppy training sessions can cover issues such as chewing, toilet training, jumping up, play biting and ‘mad five minutes’ and also identify what your particular puppy needs from a mental stimulation perspective. These areas can be discussed and a suitable plan devised with specific reference to your puppy and your lifestyle and not just a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You may have a slightly older dog ‘young’ dog, between nine months and two years old; these dogs have often had training classes in the past but have over time regressed as adolescence and breed related behaviours have taken over. All is not lost with these dogs as this often happens and with a little patience and structured training, taking into account your dog’s personality and breed, life with your dog can soon become less stressful and much more enjoyable. Both you, your family and your dog will learn to live, play and work together in a more harmonious manner.

Rescued dogs can present their own challenges and sessions are usually spread over a couple of months to allow for the dog settling into your home and adjusting to your lifestyle. Often the first few weeks are fairly calm as the dog settles in and then over the next four or five weeks the dog’s true character starts to emerge. In many cases this is not an issue and many dogs slip seamlessly into their new home. Others have slight issues that appear, in many cases these are basic training issues, which again, can be worked on quite easily with the right approach.

Some dogs from Rescue organisations come with more severe issues; sometimes these appear several weeks after the dog comes home and can include separation and aggression issues. These are obviously serious problems and as such require the much more in-depth and analytical approach of a Behaviour Consultation.