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“When we rescued Marley at nine months old he was untrained, badly behaved and very nervous. He chewed shoes, peed and pooed in the house and generally upset our other dog. He had to be walked on the lead as he never come when called and ran away when you went near him.

Dave gave us advice about food, toys, mental stimulation as well as detailed training sheets that actually work. After three sessions and six weeks of practice, we have a much happier, calmer, more confident dog who we can control with basic commands.

Although we’ve had dogs for years, we had no idea where to begin with Marley and would never have achieved these results without Dave’s help”

Graham, Elizabeth, Mylo & Marley | Felthorpe, Norwich
Marley - Dachshund x JRT

“When Dave became involved in trying to help us, we were in a downward spiral of not feeling in control of Pip and his behaviour was deteriorating because of this.

Dave was able to offer a variety of strategies and practical advice, as well as a great deal of support, particularly at the beginning of his involvement. This, coupled with our determination to make it work, has helped Pip to turn from feeling anxious and defensive to positive and secure.

Everyone who sees Pip now cannot believe how he has changed in the last few months and we can’t thank Dave enough for everything he has done to help us and Pip achieve what he has in such a short time.”

Marilyn A | Stibbard
Pip – German Short-haired Pointer

“We consulted Dave Brice after being informed by the nurse at the vets that our Mastiff bitch was being too aggressive towards her brother.

We rang Dave one evening and by the end of the week Dave had attended and given us advice. We acted on the advice and the aggression is now limited to short bursts of play fighting.

We still have his helpful written report that we can refer to if necessary”.

Amber D | North Wootton
Merlot – English Mastiff

“Dave gave us invaluable help and advice when training our border terrier, with the fantastic result of an obedient, calm and happy dog.

We were so impressed by his professionalism and wealth of knowledge and techniques,

our dog especially appreciated Dave’s liver cake recipe! With best wishes.”

Alan B | Norwich
Basil, Border Terrier

"Dear Mr. Brice,

Just to let you know Pippin is coming on really well now and seems like part of the family.

The help and advice you gave us really made such a difference and was much appreciated".

Mr.and Mrs Pearce | Gt Witchingham
Pippin, WHWT

“Our dog Mia had suddenly become frightened of loud noises and would not go out for walks.

With David’s help and guidance Mia is slowly regaining her confidence again.”

Eddie & Petra B | Swaffham
Mia, GSD

“My German Shepherd, ‘Bella’, has a wonderful personality when it comes to adults and children.

However, she was not too keen on her fellow canines! I called in Dave Brice for some expert advice.

With his help and guidance we managed to convince Bella that she could to be more tolerant of her ‘brothers and sisters’.

Dave’s expertise helped me to understand my dog and for that I am very grateful.

Being an entertainer I wish he could control some of my audiences in the same way!”

Roger D | Heacham
Bella, GSD

“I had begun to lose faith in my ability to overcome the problems I have with my Alsatian’s behaviour, until it was recommended I have a consultation with Dave Brice.

Thankfully, it was so clear and practical. Now I have a clear plan and goal and a much happier dog,

I am seeing the results after only a short time. By following this plan I can see a way forward and know I will achieve my goal.”

Denise W | Gayton.
Reuben, GSD

“I was referred to Dave Brice after I voiced some concerns about my dogs over-excited behaviour to my vet.

Upon booking an appointment I was given a form to fill in to explain things. During the actual consultation Dave came well aware of what to expect and was able to start observing from the start.

Very early on Dave identified the causes and proposed a solution tailor made for my dogs needs. I found the whole consultation very thorough and informative with a no nonsense approach to helping me achieve a strong relationship and understanding with my dog.

Best of all Dave came with most of the products we discussed during our meeting and for those that he didn’t have, Dave was able to advise me on where to get them.

I thoroughly recommend Dave Brice services. After our consultation I received a detailed summary and report and continue to call upon him for advice.”

Emma F | Mattishall
Cookie, SBT X

“We are doing really well; Bruce seems to be a changed dog. He will now wait to be given his food in the morning we do not have any more snapping or growling all this is resolved and it didn’t take long to turn the corner.

I do feel we are back on the same level now, which is lovely, because I now feel this is the Bruce I knew.

Thank you for your help and support. I will be doing some recall next when the weather improves. But it is lovely to be best friends again now we can all enjoy the pleasure of them both.

Once again thank you, we know where you are if we run in to any problems.”

Tracey S | Holt
Bruce, Rottweiler

"Just wanted to say thanks for the help and advice given during our lessons.

Having been to a busy ‘Puppy training class’ ,just a few ‘one -to- one’ sessions have given me the training techniques and confidence to carry on. It was also useful that you could tailor it to the characteristics of the breed and temperament of my particular dog.

You have even convinced me to start another class for fun ! ( let me know if you start up any yourself)

Best Wishes."

Christine H | Horningtoft
Daisy, Cocker Spaniel