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Dog Training Classes for everyday life!

Our experienced colleague Martina Tierling runs an excellent training centre in Thornham on the North Norfolk Coast. Visit her website here: 


Call Martina on 07971 733656 or email on: northnorfolkdogtraining@gmail.com for more information on training classes or for individual sessions.

The North Norfolk Dog Training centre is nestled in a quiet location within the Drove Orchards Farm on the North Norfolk Coast, an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty.   

North Norfolk Dog Training is not your average dog training set-up.  Long gone are the days of training in village halls or public spaces with dozens of uncontrollable puppies/dogs running riot.

We also only use kind, effective methods ensuring your relationship with your dog remains one of trust rather than fear.

This is a premium service with a unique set-up putting emphasis on quality not quantity.  You will not find us attempting to pack out group training with as many dogs as possible.

The training centre is a safe, outside, fully enclosed place to train dogs.  With the addition of a covered arena by way of a large poly tunnel, this enables training to continue even on very wet days. 

The preference for training outside is because it’s believed to help puppies and dogs to become familiar with everyday outside events and noises, and is a more true to life experience compared to training inside.  

Whatever your needs are; Group Training, Private 1-2-1 Training or Bespoke Training Programmes, there’s something for all dogs at all stages of their lives. 

Training should be fun and rewarding for owners and their dogs.

Martina’s two Newfoundlands!